MIT Sloan

Putting cutting-edge management ideas into action digitally.

The MIT Sloan School of Management is one of the world’s leading business schools with a website that demonstrates the large volume of work and accomplishments of the school. In order to quickly and effectively portray this information, MIT Sloan migrated their existing, custom-coded website into a more streamlined Ektron-based solution. 


MIT Sloan is an active, top-tier business school with a website of over 1,000 pages, all suporting the wide variety of groups, initiatives and activities within the organization. Keeping the website modern and engaging is essential in representing the school as the prestigious organization that it is. However, maintaining and updating such a large website became increasing difficult in its existing form which was made up of many different platforms including TypePage, WordPress, and custom PHP code.

In order to improve the efficiency of delivery, and lower the cost of maintenance of the site, MIT Sloan decided to migrate their entire site onto an Ektron CMS solution. However, the migration of such a large, enterprise-level website provided a challenge within itself.

These webpages were built using multiple platforms including TypePad, WordPress, and custom Java and PHP code. When pursuing a full site rebuild, gathering requirements, designing, developing, and obtaining approval for the site from each of the stakeholders within the organization is a process that could take years.


MIT Sloan partnered with NorthPoint Digital to develop a multi-year strategy for migrating the website onto the new platform. The website was organized into strategic sections based on business purpose and technical feasibility. Each section was prioritized and organized into a queue providing MIT Sloan with a roadmap for the agile delivery of the entire website onto the Ektron CMS platform. 

This strategy allows the team to focus on manageable pieces of the site. This also enables the group to work with relevant stakeholders to define goals, requirements, and designs. Once the plan for each section was approved, it could then be developed and delivered to production, which involved integrating the new Ektron platform seamlessly with the existing website - providing a significantly improved experience to users.