The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Improving the health and happiness of communities worldwide with a new, Drupal 7-based platform.

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) is the largest nutrition school in the world and is committed to making a difference by improving the health and happiness of their friends, families, and communities worldwide.

IIN’s Online Education system provided students with a method to complete course materials and curriculums in order to achieve success in becoming a Health Coach or just to educate themselves on healthier lifestyles.

NorthPoint Digital worked closely with IIN’s Education and Technology teams to re-platform IIN’s Online Education into a new Drupal 7-based, responsive, scalable, and modern system: the Learning Center Platform.


The existing IIN online training platform was an unintuitive, disjointed collection of interfaces, which could not power a necessary, mobile-friendly experience. IIN’s staff found the process to maintain the courses and curriculum to be manual and time-consuming; they experienced long wait times to make enhancements due to the system’s fragility.

Inconsistent visual branding and the need for multiple systems to complete the program (desktop or laptop as well as an iOS device, preferably an iPad) added to the challenges that existed for the student experience. Built in 2007, the platform was based on a “live” teaching model with no mobile support in mind.


NorthPoint Digital worked closely together with IIN’s Education and Technology groups as a single, unified team to successfully deliver a fully responsive, cross platform, intuitive education platform. The new solution would address several challenges including: a unified student experience, cross platform support, automation of common processes and a software architecture updated to current standards.

NorthPoint Digital’s deeply experienced technology team used Drupal 7 to build a stable foundation. The team built out an entire framework to support a RESTful API integration with an AngularJS web application in addition to native Android and iOS apps. The team worked closely with staff to customize the Drupal administrative UI to provide an intuitive, user friendly interface tailored for each administrative role. After performing multiple performance and stress tests, NorthPoint Digital’s team further enhanced the performance of the code base to ensure an incident-free launch and set the plan for further scaling of the hosting platform.

To ensure that none of the data was lost, the team conceived a robust backup plan. The backup plan ensured that no user data would ever be lost to an outage of any kind. An additional archive server was also established, which maintained a record of legacy data for research.

Hosting for the entire solution was set up on a custom Acquia Cloud Infrastructure, thereby reducing the website’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


As a result of this large-scale, re-platforming effort, IIN has seen many improvements for online education including:

  • Deeper integration and coordination across platforms
  • Students can now use the site on their mobile devices, thanks to the responsive website design that was implemented
  • Automated common processes
  • Drupal 7 and LAMP on Acquia Cloud both reduce the TCO due to removal of license and maintenance fees and further improve ROI
  • Up-to-date architecture to ensure system stability
  • The site is now fault tolerant with multiple servers behind a load balancer