Girl Scouts

Reinvigorating participation and expanding membership via a central platform.

Girl Scouts is a youth organization that aims to empower girls. Started in 1912, it has since grown to 3.7 million members. The national organization heads up individual councils, which cover a large portion of a state or geographic region.


Each council had a separate website that was disconnected from the national Girl Scouts program. This created inconsistencies in the brand and messaging across all 112 councils, including the national Girl Scouts’ website. Every council also maintained separate costs, which contributed to inefficiencies of scale.

Girl Scouts identified a dated and inefficient training and onboarding process for volunteers. Volunteers were presented with little more than a thick book of activities to run their meetings. Without any tools, an online support mechanism or a modern method of obtaining required forms and materials, the Girl Scouts were facing a rapid decline in interest.


Girl Scouts turned to NorthPoint Digital to create a web platform on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) that will ultimately allow 112 council websites to be hosted on a central platform. The platform is built to inherit content intelligently from the national organization, which can then be customized and delivered on regional council websites. The platform enables the creation of articles, forms, calendars and events, news and a document library. Digital assets can be shared between councils, while still preserving each council’s ability to maintain their individual content and character.

NorthPoint Digital worked closely with the Girl Scouts in implementing a template-based web platform that would empower individual councils to choose from a set of brand-approved designs for their websites. Using AEM’s powerful component-based tools for creating content through their direct edit interface, NorthPoint Digital delivered a sensible and reusable content delivery platform that made creating council websites fast, easy to maintain, and consistent with the Girl Scouts’ national brand identity. Onboarded councils also benefited from national content that could be reused on their websites, particularly when it came to messages about the organization’s mission, history, and national campaigns.

NorthPoint Digital also created a separate, but integrated Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) Application that enables volunteers to plan, manage, and supplement their meetings with a mobile-enabled web application. Volunteers can outline activities and create a year plan ahead of their meetings, which aid them throughout the year. The VTK is also integrated with council membership data located on Salesforce.

NorthPoint Digital also took initial concept wireframes (provided by the Girl Scouts) that envisioned a VTK application - and made it a reality on the Girl Scouts’ AEM web platform. Developing the VTK application on the same web platform provided seamless integration of content and user experience.


Both the web platform and the Volunteer Toolkit immediately gained popularity among the councils. Using the powerful and volunteer-focused VTK application as a benefit of the unified web platform, councils are constantly signing up to become a part of the web platform. The migration of all 112 councils will be an ongoing process for the next two years.

The success of the VTK application has led to additional efforts to expand the web application as an interface for parents and to elevate the “Girl Experience” initiative aimed to reinvigorate participation and expand membership.

Sarah Gormley, Chief Marketing Officer, from the Girls Scouts of the USA will be presenting on a panel on “Personalization and Optimization” on Wednesday, March 11 from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM at the upcoming Adobe Marketing Summit in Salt Lake City.