Sitecore Services

We view Sitecore as a framework to work with and offer customized solutions to our clients based on their needs.

Our experience includes single sign-on for a seamless user experience, integration with both small and large systems such as learning systems and commerce systems, customized workflows and actions, custom Sitecore wizards and UI, and more general Content Managed solutions.

Our extensive experience with CMS solutions helps you organize content in ways that can be presented uniquely to your visitors. We will guide you through the process of defining the building blocks of Sitecore (templates and layouts) and ensure the most reuse to lessen the overall learning curve for content editors.

NorthPoint Digital also has experience with the Sitecore Intranet Portal and integration with Active Directory. Similar to Sitecore CMS, Sitecore Intranet Portal is just as robust and flexible, providing some additional out of the box functionality typical of an intranet.

Talk to us about how we are helping clients such as Christie’s, Aetna, and The Heritage Foundation achieve their business objectives using Sitecore. We can help you navigate the digital and mobile challenges - give us a call at 212.819.1700 orcontact us.