Sitecore Advantages

Built on the .NET framework, Sitecore makes it easy to integrate existing business systems with your CMS to deliver robust and dynamic data to your visitors.

Sitecore is highly scalable and can easily support even the largest business needs. For content editors, an intuitive WYSIWYG editor is provided and allows for content to be edited inline on the page. A flexible role and workflow system enable fine grained control over content, allowing content to be published immediately or require a set of editorial reviews. Content can be managed in any language with ease and versions for each language are kept separately. Sitecore provides search friendly URLs out of the box and the ability to alias content for marketing purposes.

The Sitecore Online Marketing Suite provides even more tools to gain insight into your visitors. Users can be viewed behaviorally and content displayed that is relevant to what they are looking for on your site. The OMS allows for campaigns to be created and includes reports to track how campaigns are progressing. The analytics gained from the OMS are more precise than script based analytics such as Google Analytics because it does not rely on included javascript and has direct access to the users and pages that those users are visiting.

What are Sitecore advantanges?

  • 100% .NET based with a robust API
  • Highly customizable - able to override most Sitecore events such as saving content, publishing content, etc
  • Highly scalable – Sitecore can run on a single server or one hundred servers. Both the CMS and the backend databases can be scaled to multiple servers as demand increases with little effort
  • Flexible – Create any type of content and relate content in various ways
  • Easy internationalization – Languages can be added at any time and are each versioned separately
  • Schedule publishing of content or automatically publish content live
  • Quickly compare versions, view version history, and roll back versions
  • Create simple or complex workflows with email integration or other custom actions
  • Create content once and display it for any device
  • Package content, templates, and layouts
  • Modular Design – Sitecore modules are available to add functionality to an existing Sitecore CMS. Sitecore offers many paid and free community modules that install seamlessly
  • Manage multiple sites or sub-sites easily within Sitecore, even providing different domain names as desired
  • Recover deleted content from the recycle bin
  • Set dates to retire old content automatically
  • Site Tools – Broken links report, HTML validation, custom validation, Spell Check
  • SEO friendly URLs and support for Vanity URLs
  • Ability to store physical assets such as images and flash in the database or on the file system
  • Wizard driven interface

Sitecore Mobile

Sitecore supports mobile-friendly websites. Sitecore already has a lot of “out-of-the-box” functionality and modules that will help your organization create these mobile websites and make sure that they are also highly scalable and built to support growth.

If you are considering making the jump to mobile applications and websites, or are in the middle of the process, and would like to learn more, talk to us about our enterprise mobile capabilities at 212.819.1700 or contact us.